Author page: Swetha Mendon

Heaven on Earth

My most favourite prayer of all is the Lord’s prayer. I learnt it when I was studying in a convent school. It has always remained with me. I would pray this frequently without fully understanding the meaning. Despite the darkness, I’m reminded of the words of Jesus when asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He…

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Poem: Mercy Triumphs!

Am I a modern day Pharisee- a white washed tomb, consumed by knowledge that I have forgotten to love?Or am I Hosea’s wife, caressing an adultress world satisfying lust and greed?There’s a deep thirst that’s unquenchableEven the best things in the world seems to miss.Ah! All is vanity under the sun. Passing by wounded lives, unmoved,Whatever happened to the child…

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Poem: Raised From The Dead!!!

Dressed pretty with bandages that wrap my wounds and dead and broken dreams, People dread to unwrap these bandages fearing the mess and the unpleasant stench, They mourn the death and convinced its all over, Where no one else can see or can reach. Deep cried unto deep, A cry for life. Jesus you visit me while everyone else said…

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