Author page: Wungmathing Zimik

Dangers of Worldly Wisdom : James 4:1-4

Good morning church, so good to see all of you again, hope all of you are doing well. Last Sunday we have meditated on a topic: “Wisdom from above” from pastor Jinson,  Today we shall continue our book study from James 4:1-4.  I would like to entitle my sermon as “Dangers of worldly wisdom”   I would like to start with…

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Beware of Favouritism James 2:1-7

Introduction: Good morning brothers and sisters, so good to see all of you. Hope all of you are doing well and bless. Today we shall study from James 2:1-7. under the topic “Beware of Favouritism or Beware of Partiality. Lets see what is favoritism Personal favoritism: This word denotes partiality or biased judgment based on external circumstances, such as race,…

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