Pilgrims in this Passing World

“For our citizenship is in heaven” – Philippians 3:20a

The day we repented of our sins and put our faith in Christ, our citizenship changed. We were once citizens of this dying world, the world that has nothing to offer except pain, suffering and sorrow. All its offerings – fame, fortune and fantasy will eventually hurt our soul and drag us into depravity, and those who have such possessions never experience true joy.

Only those who have the Citizenship of the Kingdom of God have the privilege of experiencing abounding joy and peace in their hearts.

Therefore, brothers & sisters, don’t let the sorrows and pains of this nothing & decaying world bother you anymore, don’t grow weary when you experience the fragility of this already broken world. Many are on the path to destruction but we who have this new citizenship have great hope, the hope of eternal life and extreme satisfaction of being with our saviour Jesus in heaven.

Lord, help us cherish our new birth, our new citizenship.

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