FaithQuest Details

FaithQuest Details:

Going out on the street with the printed flyers

Here’s how we can approach people on the streets, malls & campuses. (These are our thoughts, but you can feel free to communicate in a way that is comfortable to you)

  • Share the Flyer and explain what the campaign is about. (Here’s some important points to share)
    • Organised by a Christian organisation
    • We want to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about God, Faith and Life in general.
    • We have a team of experts in the subject who will answer your question in the next 2 days and the link will be sent to you via mail.
    • Your name and details will not be display anywhere on the site, it will be used only for correspondence.
    • In case you do not receive any reply in 2 days you can contact us on the details mentioned on the website
  • Try and encourage them to ask the question immediately either on your phone or on their phone. Give them some time if they need. If they seem confused on what they should ask then we can also give some suggestions. Only if they can’t come up with the question you can ask them do it later.
  • It will be good if you can ask them to use their phone because after filling the form they will be led to a Thank-you page where they will find the Gathering Andriod App download link. If they download the app they will be notified on the app as well. (This is optional, anyways they will receive a mail)
  • Also encourage them share the link with other friends.

After filling the form if in case you feel the burden to extend the conversion and share the gospel you are free to do so.