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True vs False Religion – James 1:26-27

This sermon is part of a series called Faith in Action as we are going through the Letter of James. James wrote this letter to the exiled Jews who are scattered. James is writing out of concern for their spiritual well-being, and the letter is a set of practical instruction on how to live out their faith amid trial, sufferings…

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When sanctification seems impossible | 1 Thessalonians 5:22-28

When sanctification seems difficult/impossible! Good morning, church. How are you all doing this morning? How I long for some response from you guys like a normal Sunday we used to have – seems like long time ago now. We hope and pray that God would open doors and do a miracle in getting us all started once again – like…

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What makes Good Friday good for us? – Luke 23:32-49

Good evening everyone! My name is Jinson Thomas and I am one of the pastors at the Gathering Community Church. I’m humbled at the opportunity to share God’s Word with you all on this Good Friday. One of the questions that many people including Christians are quite perplexed with is the question “Why is it called Good Friday?” How can…

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